How the Trojan War Ended
I Don't Remember
An Anthology of Italian Poets in the Twenty-First Century

Edited by Giorgio Linguaglossa



Italian-English, 342 pages, $20
ISBN 978-0-9884787-2-5


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A generous selection of the work of fourteen poets writing in Italian today. In alphabetical order they are: Chiara Catapano, Alfredo de Palchi, Mario Gabriele, Donatella Costantin Giancaspero, Steven Grieco-Rathgeb, Letizia Leone, Giorgio Linguaglossa, Renato Minore, Gino Rago, Antonio Sagredo, Giuseppe Talia, Lucio Mayoor Tosi, Anna Ventura, Antonella Zagarole.

The title indicates the interest of these poets in the historical, mythical, scientific and philosophical developments of the past and of modern times. There are poems that reference Greco-Roman origins, poems that recall the wars of the last century, poems that explore the latest scientific theories, poems that spring off of pop culture, autobiographical poems, poems with the eternal themes of life and love, poems of nostalgia, poems with logical riddles. The reader of this fine edition printed in large type will become familiar with some of the major Italian poets of today and with some who are not yet major.

John Taylor writes in the Preface that here is "a sort of dream or imaginative vision combined with wakefulness - a venturesome and resourceful 'daydream,' as it were - during which the poet grasps the present as being woven, not essentially with personal memories, but also and especially with aspects of mythology and history (and the history of ideas) that extend well beyond the individual self..."


Editor and poet Giorgio Linguaglossa, born 1949, lives in Rome. He has published five collections of poetry. A selection of these was made for his Chelsea Editions collection Three Stills in the Frame (2015). He runs the website La Ombra delle Parole, devoted to Italian poetry.



Excerpt from the poetry of Chiara Catapano:

I gazed into the distance, the chasm of my soul,
A line of Ionian columns: they shone
In the sun's unquiet glitter.
When the freshness of morning entered my breath
Then I understood. I understood and I loved.
Like all others I sought the way back, but it was mine a little more,
For inside me fluttered dream's violet shadows.



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